ART Without Borders

preserving and promoting artists' rights in the world
The ART Without Borders members believe that art, through its commitment and interrogation, is one of the most direct avenues for people to use to better understand each other, respect each other's values, and promote peace. Art makes the community and the world a better place in which to live. Behind the pure esthetic, the ART Without Borders members believe that artists help individuals to have the freedom and ability to make meaning, formulate ideas, ask hard questions and imagine promising alternatives for the world and ourselves.

This is why artists are such an important part of any society, but also why they are among the first ones to be the victims of human rights violation or deprivation.

ART Without Borders (ARTwb) wants to participate in the building of a much better world through its programs, and advocate for the artist's human rights in the world. ART Without Borders is a non-profit organization 501(c) (3) status due in September), incorporated in April 2006, which supports the cause of artists' human rights in America and in the world.

ART Without Borders

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